Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Well hello!! Just incase you were wondering, yes, the Davis family is still alive! :) I was looking at the last post I did with the kids and it was of Christmas LAST year. Holy cow. I've been slackin. Let me tell's been a heckuva year. ;)

We had a wonderful Christmas this year!! The girls are at such a fun age. We had so much fun watching them open their gifts. I love love LOVE Christmas and the magic of it all. And it's so much fun seeing it through your kids' eyes!!

Coming down the hall......Ella first

Checkin out the goods.....

I love this pic. Ella has the best bed-head ever. :)

Halli's favorites gifts from Santa: a Barbie house (wooden.....this one had BETTER last!! ;)

Crib Life Baby, and some fun games.

Ella's favorites were: Rapunzel and Flynn Rider Barbies, and an Ariel Vanity.

But the best gift of all was...........


This little cutie is 8 weeks old and oh so sweet!! She's a maltese and seems to be such a good little puppy. The girls absolutely adore her!! They named her Jewel. :) Santa is THE BEST.

Other fun things we've been doing during Christmastime:

Lots of snuggling

Sitting on Santa's lap

Fun Christmas parties

Decorating Christmas cookies

More Christmas parties......

And Halli sang in her first Holiday Sing-in! They sang Melekelikimaka. (I have no idea how to spell that....) It was so cute and she did GREAT!!!


Friday, December 23, 2011

Halli's 6th Birthday Party!

Our sweet little Halli had a wonderful party this year! We celebrated it one month early again, since her birthday is so close to Christmas. This year was a family party, and she chose a pajama party. She had strict instructions that even the adults had to wear their jammies. It was pretty funny!

The sisters

The cake

The cousins

The Presents

Ella gave Halli some make up. She had to try it out herself, of course!

Here's all of the family in their jammies. Thanks everyone for being such great sports!!

Jodi and Wyatt

Grandma and Grandpa Burt

Grandma and Grandpa Davis

Grandma Patti and Grandpa Tom

Mom and Dad. Comfiest party EVER!!

A couple of things about Halli at 6:

She is the sweetest thing ever! She is such a wonderful big sister to Ella. She is extremely kind, loving and patient. She's going to be a wonderful mother someday! She loves kindergarten, and she loves to learn. She is so sad on the days she doesn't have school!! She is super creative and loves to color, draw, and make crafts all by herself. She loves to go to gymnastics, and loves to be with her friends and cousins. She is such a wonderful little girl and we are so very proud of her!!!


Monday, June 6, 2011

SLC Marathon

Well the Salt Lake Marathon has come and gone. (It was on April 16th.....sorry, I don't know why I've been such a horrible blogger lately!!)

Home stretch!! Hooray!! I was sooooooo excited to see my family.

And there I the finish line. Can't miss me in the bright pink, haha!! My time was 3:20:23. I placed 8th out of all the women; 3rd in my agegroup, and #68th overall. (Top 100....wahoo!!) There were over 1200 people that ran this race; so it was fairly small though. My time was a personal best by almost 3 minutes, so I was pretty excited about that. I seriously didn't think I'd beat it at all. This race was HARD. And my training was mediocre at best. Running in the winter was excruciating for me....I mean I did the training, but the quality was horrible. I was just proud of myself if I just got out and did it! Running in 20 degree weather isn't my idea of a good time. :)

This race started out pretty hilly but then after mile 13 finally flattened out.

But I literally thought at mile 12 how in THE HECK am I going to finish this race?? I had never felt that crappy before. I wanted to crawl to the side of the road and die.

But then somehow I started feeling better after that and was able to finish. But I'll be honest, it was still hard. But that's why I love marathons, peeps. Because it's all heart. It's seriously a mindset you get in. If you think you can do it, you can.

Oh but did I mention there was a 2 mile hill at mile 23?? Totally didn't read that when I signed up!! Who the heck planned this route anyway?!?! I may have to hurt them. :)

Thanks to my wonderfuly family and Jake's awesome parents for coming up and supporting me. I know there are a million other things they'd rather be doing than to drive up to Salt Lake on a saturday morning!! I really appreciate it you guys!! I couldn't wait to get to the finish line to see them all.

Aaaaah, my sweet babies. The best thing to run to at the end of a race!!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had a fabulous holiday season!! Here are some of the fun things we did:

Decorated Christmas cookies
(I couldn't get these pictures to flip for the life of with me.....)
Oh and yes, that IS an elastic in her hair. YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!

The wackiest White Elephant Gift we've ever received.......

Sitting on Santa' s lap....Ella did it this year!! And look how enthused she is.

Halli was a little nervous but did great!

Lots and lots of Christmas parties....

Halli's Christmas Program!! She was so dang cute, and she did smile occasionally, although I didn't capture any of those smiles as you can see........

Christmas morning!! Coming down the hall....Ella first.....

And they're off!!

Santa brought Halli a Rapunzel Tower. (The Rapunzel obsession is still in full force. :)

Santa brought Ella a Barbie 4-wheeler. She wasn't sure at first but now she loves it. Actually yet again she just wanted to eat her "num nums" from her stocking all morning. Could've cared less about the gifts. So cute!!

Grandma Patti's, where they received the coveted pillow pet.

Snow fun!

Merry Christmas!!! Until next year. Or atleast July when I play my Christmas music for a day to get me by. HAHA!!!