Saturday, December 12, 2009

A day in the snow!

We FINALLY got to play in the snow today!! It snowed a few days ago, but then turned to bitter, miserable coldness......we're talking highs in the teens.....but today's weather was nice and warm. Well, warmer than it has been at least. It did get above freezing!!

Cousin Davi came over to join in on the fun.

2 little cuties having a great time!!

Mom's turn!! I didn't get ready today....don't look too close:)

So proud of their snowman!

Davi on the rideable snowbunny.

Halli on the snowbunny; official name: Princess Snowman Bunny.

The festivities ended with a nice cup of hot cocoa. Does it get any better than that?
Merry Christmas everyone!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Halli's Birthday Party

Halli's 4!!!

Well, almost.......

This sweet little gal's birthday is actually December 28th. Due to the fact that it is 3 days after Christmas, we have always celebrated it one month early (with the exception of her 1st birthday....) and it has worked out great. We do a party on Nov. 28th and then on her actual birthday we go out to lunch or to a movie or something. So here are some highlights from the par-tay:

Her "Barbie and the 3 Musketeers" cake. She was a little obsessed with the movie and had not even seen it yet.....have I ever mentioned this girl loves Barbies???

BTW I made it.

C'mon people, you know me better than that!!

A game of castle ring toss:

Grandma and Grandpa Davis gave her this ballerina doll. She loves it!

She finally got the Barbie and the 3 Musketeers movie!! It was so cute when she opened it; she said "who gave me this??" and I told her me, daddy, and Ella and she gave me a big hug and said "thankyou mommy!!!" Such a sweetie. She's been waiting FOREVER!!

The coveted "Married" Cinderella

She had a great time!!

Happy "early" Birthday Halli!! We love you and are so grateful you're part of our family!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween fun

Happy Halloween 2009!
Long story short: went trick or treating, ate way too much candy. Including mom! I think I'll be running a few extra miles over the next couple of weeks to undo the damage......yikes!

The sweetest little witch in town......

Our little flower:)

Ella quite enjoyed trick or treating and just loved playing with the candy. She got especially angry if we tried to take her treat pail from her--it was so funny!! Her tantrums continue to crack me up. She can be quite the little toot!

Davi was a "rainbow ballerina". Her dress had fiber-optic lights. Who knew they made ballerina dresses with lights? Amazing.

I love when I capture the funny faces!!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Halli's first fieldtrip

Halli went on her very first field trip this week!! We went to Cornbelly's, and I got to go with her. I'm so glad I got to go; I had a great time and it was so fun to get to know some of her school friends. They are so funny! I swear Mrs. Allred must crack up all day.

Davi and Halli, ready for some fun.

The first thing we did was go for a hay ride pulled by a cool tractor. Mom forgot to get a picture of this. Oops!!

The tractor dropped us off at the pumpkin patch where all of the kids got to pick out their very own pumpkin.

Davi, Halli, and their friends Ellie and Truman. I seriously want to squeeze that little Truman. He's so cute. He's a trooper and watched Barbie and the Diamond Castle on the way to Cornbelly's. What a guy!!

Note: Mrs. Allred has all of the kids wear the same shirts on fieldtrips, which, by the way, I am so not cool with. But what do you do when Mrs. Allred is the greatest teacher around?? You go with the flow. That's right Tandi, go with the flow.......AAAAAAARG!!!!!!!!!

Huge trampolines that the kids loved. Check out the action shot of Davi in mid-air on this one. Nice job Davi!!

One giant trampoline all to themselves!

Bumpy slide. This one was a hit!

Check out these swings. How'd they do that??

They had these water spouts that you could pump with water and then send little duckies down. The kids were MESMERIZED by this and stayed at this little attraction FOREVER. I think I may get Jake to build us one to have at home. What a novel idea!!

Hay maze

Little house filled with what??!! You guessed it! Corn!! Preschoolers + house of corn= PRESCHOOLER BLISS.

The day ended with a chicken show. So cute!!

What a fun fieldtrip!! Thanks to Mrs. Allred for planning such fun activities.
We love Cornbelly's!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


The long awaited day finally arrived and I FINISHED MY FIRST MARATHON!! It was the Top of Utah Logan Marathon, and I had an absolute blast!! My awesome friend Mindy ran it with me and I'm so glad that she did. I just love her!!

Here's some pics of me in action.

These pics are all after mile #23:

Coming down the finish line.....

I ran it in 3 hrs 53 minutes. And oddly enough, it flew by!! My goal was to do it in less than 4 hours, and to run the entire time, which I did. Booyah!!

Me and Mindy--WE DID IT!!

This will be the first of many!! (That is, as long as this old bod cooperates!) I had so much fun and it was just invigorating. Most of you that know me know how much I love to run and it is so therapeutic for me. If I don't run I'm quite an onery buggar! So this is a way of life for me. I'm so grateful for my body and that I am even able to walk, let alone run 26.2 miles!! Our bodies our truly amazing.

Thanks to my Mom, Aunt Bobbi, Alisse, and Jodi for driving up and cheering me on!! You gals are the sweetest. Thanks also to my awesome cousin Brad for taking time out to come the race as well!! And thankyou Shannon and Taun for letting us crash at your house and for cheering me on too!! Nothing is better than having the ones you love waiting for you at the finish line. And Jacob, my sweet Jacob. Thankyou so much for all of your support throughout all of my training. You were so great about being home for the girls so I could get all of my runs in; and you never once complained. You had to sacrifice a lot of early saturday morning fishing/deer spotting/other manly things that you enjoy doing so that I could go for my long runs. I know that you put a lot of things on hold so I could do this and I appreciate it so much!! And thankyou mom, so much for babysitting when Jake couldn't. I appreciate your help more than you know!! (Not to mention being so cheerful when being asked to do it!!)

Me and my girls after the race. I have a feeling that little Halli will be joining me one day.....that little girl is pretty dang fast. Can't wait Boo!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ella's 1st Birthday!!

Can you believe I'm one???

That's right!! Our little Ella Bella turned 1 yr. old on Sept. 15th. This year has absolutely flown by. She is the sweetest baby and I wish she could stay little forever!! We just love this little gal!

Here's what Ella stats came in at her 12 mo. check:

Weight: 22 lbs (71st percentile)
Height: 30.5 in (90th percentile)
Head: 18 in (70th percentile)

She is crawling everywhere and loves getting into anything and everything! She especially loves to mess up anything that Halli is playing with. She is so curious and just has the sweetest little personality. She is also growing up and starting to know just what she wants; and has begun to throw some pretty hilarious tantrums. I can't help but crack up!

Here she is with her cake


Happy Birthday to YOOOOOOOOU!!!

Aaaah, the best part of the 1 yr. old birthday, the eating of the cake. It all started with just a little frosting.......

Then just a little more......

Hey, this is kinda fun!!


Oh yeah!!

Then she got this scowl on her face and started pushing it was so funny!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLA!!! We love you so much!! You bring more joy into our lives than words can even express. We're so blessed to have you in our family!!!