Sunday, April 12, 2009


The beautiful island of Kauai......

A little sidenote: My sister Jodi was very pregnant and having some complications so she decided not to come with us (I was VERY sad!) so my mom took my niece, Davi. What a grandma! We also left our sweet baby Ella home......thankyou, Gayle and Lorraine for taking such great care of her!

Waimea Canyon

They're FREE!!!!!

We had lunch at the Hyatt, an AMAZING resort--not sure what this circular thing is exactly, but nice picture of Jake nonetheless...


A friendly crane dining with us at lunch
2 little sweeties!

The girls loved the parrots!


This was the craziest thing....seals would just come right up on our beach throughout the day..... cute little buggars!

Kind of a drizzly morning, so we headed to the park!
For some reason, there are chickens EVERYWHERE! Word has it that there was a big hurricane and they all somehow ended up roaming all over the island....funny until the rooster crows outside your hotel window at 5 a.m!!!! Jake is bringing his shotgun next time--drumsticks for everyone!

Happy Birthday, Patti! 29 and looking fabulous.......

Birthday dinner at Roy's.....exquisite. We highly recommend it!

My awesome grandparents!

The girls behaving at dinner.....

These are some shots from our condo lanai.....
The ocean is thru the trees


Mom and the girls at the park. Thanks grandma!

Feeding the fish outside our hotel

Halli posing as she always does

Bubble fun!!!

You want to have fun with a 3 yr old for an entire week? Repeat after me:N-O-O-D-L-E!

Look at those sweet cheeks!

Fun in the sun!

The girls' magnificent sea turtle!
"sand" angels

Looking more like a local everyday.....
We went on a guided ATV tour and saw some great scenery!

We stopped at 2 waterfalls on the tour. Not your typical amazing Hawaii waterfalls, but still neat nonetheless....
This is bamboo!
Our last day! (boo-hoo!) A little cloudy, but still nice

Another monk seal in the distance....

SO MUCH FUN!!! It truly is paradise....thanks, Mom and Dad for everything. We had an amazing time!


Carrie said...

Great pics, Tandi! I really am very jealous! Did you figure out how to get less space between pics? If not, just delete the space until the pic gets to where you want it to be. I think for adding blog links...go to your layout, and select add a page element (on the right)and then select blog list and add people's blog addresses. Ask everyone to send them to you if you don't already have them. Hope that helps! Ours is
Cute blog, by the way!

Carrie said...

Correction...don't select add a page element. Select add a gadget. I think the rest is correct.

Shannon said...

Wow! Looks like tons of fun. Next time can I come? Thanks for the pictures. Our bolg is

Keith and Charayye said...

That is so neat you got to go there! Keith has been I hope to go someday! Way cute pics! Great job on your blog!