Monday, May 11, 2009

Crazy Coupon Lady!

Alright, I've finally given in and decided that I really need to do some major reducing of my grocery bill. I spend way to much on groceries every month for our little family, and I'm sure there has to be a better way. So I was chatting with my awesome cousin Carlynn a couple of weeks ago and she inspired me to begin couponing. I have been interested in taking on the couponing endevour for quite some time now, but I have just been too lazy to do it. Well now with Jake's work being extremely slow, I have decided to bite the bullet and really try to save some cash. This is the reason for tonight's post. You see, I was purusing the sunday ads and I saw that Target was having what seemed to be a great sale on paper towels and toilet paper. $10 for a 24 pack of Charmin, and $14 for a 12 pack of bounty, plus with the purchase of 2 items, you received a $5 target gift card. Sweet! So I head to Target swearing that I will purchase ONLY the items that are on sale. No clothes for the girls, nada. Before my purchase I asked a salesperson if there was a limit on how many gift cards I could get. She said she thought that the max was 5. Perfect! I wanted to get 2 of each item, and I would get a $10 gift card! I happily put my few items in the cart and headed to checkout. I placed my toiletries on the counter:

Sweet little target checkout girl: Oh, on these you have to buy 4 of THE SAME item to get a gift card.

coupon newbie: Hmmm, really? (ponders for a moment, do I really need 4 big bags of T.P. right now? Is it worth it?)

coupon newbie: Well, (pull out my ad I brought from home, begin to show the cashier, meanwhile, nice target patrons behind me leave and find another line w/ out annoying mom with coupons) I thought the ad said that you only needed to buy 2 to get the gift card? (which it did)

Sweet Target checkout girl: Oh, it does say that! But you do have to get the end cap items to get the deal. (note to self: end cap items are at the end of the isle, on sale.)

coupon newbie: Okay, can I go switch them out?

STCG: Sure. (she hid it well, but I'm SURE she was annoyed)

I quickly find my 2 big bags of T.P. and 2 big bags of paper towels and run back to my checkout lane, lugging the huge bags behind me, meanwhile clumsily knocking down a box of cocoa puffs off of one of the "end caps"...... I'm sure I looked like such a dork.

I paid for my items, and did indeed receive my $10 gift card, so really that made the items that much cheaper! I'm still learning what is really a good deal and what isn't, so maybe that wasn't the greatest deal, but I'm feelin' the love, people!

Bottom line, I can't believe I have resorted to this. I never thought it would happen. It has gotten in my blood and I think I may love couponing. I am officially the crazy coupon lady. Kill. Me. Now.


Ware Family said...

Hilarious! Good job, I love getting a good deal!
Lately though with 3 kids, I've been caring more about getting in and out as fast as possible and have somewhat abandoned my couponing ways.
Keep it up and maybe it'll motivate me to start up again when I get at least one of the kids in school.

Carrie said...

Hey, don't be ashamed about saving some's smart! I have been doing it, too, and it takes work and preparation, but it's worth it! Way to go, Tandi!