Friday, May 15, 2009

Goodbye, Walmart!!!

Walmart, oh walmart
how I dread attending your store
but because I am so cheap
I keep going back for more

Your parking lot is packed
never a spot insight;
so I park in BFE
even so late at night!

But no, I will not come back
never again, I say
I am now a "krazy coupon lady"
and she is here to stay!

So off to my beloved Albertson's I go
I love every minute of it
And their prices are so low!

The cashiers are so nice
maybe even classy
no nose rings in sight
no hair rassy frassy

No never at Albertson's, will you hear a mom in a rut:
"Bridger, you bleepedy bleep @$$&&!!!!
Get back here before I beat yo butt!"

That's right, walmart. Your lines are long
Your service is crappy
So it's off to my Albertson's
Where they make me so happy!


Pam said...

Pretty Clever Poem... did you make it up yourself? They just built a new walmart close to my house. The other day I went and there were 5 spots right in the front and the store was not so busy. I am so happy!!

katie b said...

I feel your pain! But I still keep going back and price matching. maybe someday I can kick the habit. Your poe made me laugh. thanks tandi

tracie said...

You definitely got a chuckle out of me. I wish we had an Albertson's close by to us.

If you even want to be a bit crazier, you can see if any grocery stores double coupons.

Michelle and Caleb said...

I feel you. I hate everytime we go. They really need to do somthing about all of that. But then it wouldn't be walmart.

Jeremy and Mackenzie Ware said...

Amen! We've always been Walmart shoppers out of pure cheapness, but here in California it is way too SKETCHY. I use that as my excuse to stay away.

Nancy said...

My dad calls it "Squall-mart" and insists that the most diverse and scary sample of the population inhabits the place. The prices are good sometimes, but we hate it too and only go if we must. I miss Albertson's!

Andrew and Charonne- said...

ok, i teach classes on couponing! I am so happy you do it too, by the way awesome poem, I HATE WALMART!!! We had to run there the other day and I was in the worst mood, i hate that place, but i totally LOVE alby's

Jenna and Joe Layne said...

amen to that! I HATE walmart!! your blog is sooo cute, I'm so glad you found me! your girls are darling, I can see why grandma loves them so MUCH! I'm going to miss your mom so so so much, she is such an incredible person, I just love her!
anyways I hope all is well with you guys, XOXO!
P.S I will now be blog stalking you...

Carrie said...

I had no idea you were such a poet!

Kim said...

Tandi, I linked to your blog from Charayyes blog. Your family is absolutely beautiful and you are the greatest mom ever. Good job for doing your coupons. If I could figure out how to print the printable coupons I would be doing better, but I am an idiot and cant do it. The darn thing tells me the printer is installed and they are printing.....but they dont! Oh- well! It is great to "see" you and your cute family. Take care.

Kim Gorham Howick