Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Another Father's Day has come and gone. How great it is to have a day to reflect and appreciate the wonderful daddys in our life. However I do think there should be atleast 4 Mother's Days throughout the year......I'm just sayin.....

The day began with a scrumptious breakfast in bed, Daddy's favorite: sausage/egg/cheese/bacon mcmuffins [aka. heart attack on a plate] with a tall glass of chocolate milk, prepared by mommy and the Boo. Jake enjoyed sleeping in and eating a hearty "man's" breakfast.

I was busy this morning baking homemade bread for the Grandpas' (I know, I know. I'm so domesticated!!) And of course got ready in a rush trying to make it to church on time. Jake took Halli to church a little early to get us a seat, and when she jumped out of the truck she bent over, lifted up her dress and said "ha ha, I'm not wearing any underwear!!" and proceeded to moon the entire parking lot. Woops!! Mommy forgot the undies!! I am officially losing it. But why did she wait until she got to church to notify us of her bare bum? Because this little girl loves to be nakey. The other morning she came in the kitchen, buck naked, with nothin' but a hoodie on and said so confidently "I'm goin' outside Mom" and started to walk towards the door. I'm gonna have to watch this little gal......

Halli sang "When Daddy Comes Home" with the primary in sacrament meeting. (Don't worry, I had brought her some underwear by this point). She continues to surprise me how brave she is to get up in front of everyone (our ward is HUGE) because she can be so shy. She is such a big girl. I look at her up there and I just about burst because I love her so much and am just so proud of her. She is such a little sweetie.

After church we went to grandma Patti's where we had a BBQ. Halli helped me make a cake for Grandpa Tom:

In case you can't tell, it's a shirt and tie. The frosting turned out a little thin and started to crack, it looks a little hammered, but Grandpa loved it. Grandpa Davis would have got one, except he's a crazy man and not eating sugar right now. (I wish I had that kind of will power!!)

We then went to Grandma and Grandpa Davis' house to wish our awesome Grandpa Davis a Happy Father's Day.

Chubs #1 and 2 (Ella and Phoenix) Ella's in the orange

Halli made Daddy and the Grandpas' special Ties that she decorated herself, here's a picture of Daddy's:

Happy Father's Day to:

Our Daddy: who is the love of my life and a wonderful father, and will always be a kid at heart

My Dad: who is THE most patient man I have ever known and always knows how to make his girls and grandkids feel special

Gayle: who is one of the most amazing, positive men I have ever met and I look up to so much

Grandpa Burt: who is a great example of charity and willing to lend a hand whenever anything is needed

Grandpa Great: who is a great example of faith and love

And to all of you Father's out there!!!


MadHouse said...

Tandi! Wear your hair like that everyday! So hot. Also, that cake you made for father's day was genius. Who knew you were an aspiring Martha?

Ware Family said...

Great post!
Halli is a crackup, I love the cake you made.
Baking bread??? Wow! I'm impressed.
You sure do have a lot of great "dads" in your life.

Bradbury Family said...

Oh Tandi! I've already spent ten minutes reading your blog and plan on reading more and more to catch up with what you've been up to!!

I'm so excited to stay in touch through blog world. Your cake looks very yummy and is so creative...and actually has my belly craving a piece right now! :)
So glad you had such a wonderful Father's day with your dads! Looking forward to hearing and reading about more adventures with the Davis family! XOXO

P-S Thanks for the advice, I'm going to start calling everybody I know right now....

Carrie said...

I love this post! You have quite a way with words...very entertaining! I second the motion for 4 Mother's days...
Way cute shirt and tie cake! I'm totally impressed. Just one more reason for me to wish I was more like you! Love ya!

Keith and Charayye said...

So sweet Tandi! father's day is fun! It was Keith's first father's day and it was fun! I have fun pics I need to post:) And you look beautiful! I love your little Ella! she is so cute!