Friday, June 19, 2009

Strawberry Days 09!!!

Aaaaah, Strawberry Days, my favorite time of year!!! We went to the carnival yesterday; Halli had a blast. This little girl loves a thrill.....

Ella Bella had a great time observing the fun. I'm sure she'll be joining Boo next year in the festivities!!

Halli's first time on a "big" roller coaster!! She loved it. She is going to be my little roller coaster buddy, since daddy is getting old and now turns green after riding one silly ride; what a lightweight!!!

And yes, even mom enjoyed the ride!!

We have been waiting all year for STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM!!! Yummmm.....

Halli also got her face painted, which she refused to let me wash off that night. Can you blame her? Look at that work of art!!

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