Sunday, August 23, 2009

Davis Reunion 09'

Oh baby, it's Davis Reunion time!!! This year we were supposed to go to the cabin at Lava Hot Springs, but because of some unforeseen complications, we weren't able to go. So we decided to have a makeshift 3 day reunion right at Gayle and, are they troopers or what??!!

DISCLAIMER: Many of the following pictures contain my children looking a bit like orphans. I do love them, I do usually have their hair done, bows on, etc. and I usually don't wear ugly T-shirts, but unfortunately I was a bit lazy from all of the events and didn't really care. It will never happen again.

Now let us continue:

Gayle's friend Dennis loaned us this AWESOME train for the kids.....check it out!! They all loved it, and it was definently the highlight of the entire weekend:)

And away they go!!

Train #2
(there were 3 trains all together...)

This is why Ella ALWAYS has a bow on in public. But daddy took this picture without my knowledge. She's our little cue ball and we love her!!

Little Miss Mikaela

Mikaela and Cooper

Next up was a water balloon fight--luckily we were able to get this in before the storm came in and the fall temperatures began!! Some of us didn't get the memo about the water activities; thus the reason for some of the children running around in their undies.....

Look at those sweet cheeks!! That's right Connor, I'm talkin to YOU!!

Hannah and Roxy

MOVIE NIGHT! We were supposed to have it outside, but it was raining. So we improvised... Movie choice: BOLT!

Pam had a cute idea to get these little treat boxes from the movie theater, the kids loved them.

Boo enjoying her juice box during the flick....

The next morning some of us hiked Timp Cave. We all piled in our AWESOME 12 passenger van....(Jake bought it to haul all of his guys to Clearfield, and man does that thing come in handy!!) We arrived in style! Oh yeah.

Aubrey, Hannah, Me and Mikaela

Sidenote: My sister-in-law's flip flop broke at the beginning of the hike!! (Bummer for her, but yay for me because Halli was ALREADY whining that she was tired, so Tiff took her home with her:) Thanks Tiff!! **Thus the reason that Halli is not in any of the following pictures...

Grandpa, Benjamin and Meg

Just before entering the cave. Sorry I forgot your hat, sweetie. You're still hot.

Jake's brother Matt, being.....Matt.

Happy Trails!! Thanks Gayle and Lorraine for everything, it was a lot of fun!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Provo River Half Marathon

I completed my first race on saturday!! It was the Provo River Half Marathon; 13.1 miles beginning at South Fork and ending behind the Wynnsong Theaters. It was so much fun!!

Ella Bella patiently awaiting mommy's arrival; it was a very cold morning!

Boo munching, waiting for mom

Greeting my fam after the race.

I had a lot of fun doing this. I couldn't get anyone to do it with me, so I did it all alone!! One day I'm going to get Jake addicted to running. One day. Atleast when our kids are older so we can train together--right now I need a sitter!

The scenery was BEAUTIFUL. We are so blessed to live by our majestic mountains!! The route went right past Bridal Veil Falls; it was seriously so pretty. And I must say that I did better than I thought I was going to do. I ran it in 1 hour 40 minutes, and out of over 3,000 runners I came in #193. Not too shabby for this mommy of 2!! Let me also mention that I am EXTREMELY SORE!! My calves hurt so bad today I can barely walk. Aaah, but it's such a great feeling:) After the race there was a live band and a pancakes and fruit breakfast. It was delicious!

Halli couldn't bring herself to put down the watermelon to take a picture.....this girl loves her food!!

Next up: THE BIG ONE. Stay tuned to see if I survive......

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Grandpa's surprise......

Well, Grandpa Tom has outdone himself again. He got the grandkids a new pony!! She is a mini and oh so cute.

He let the girls pick a name for her. Davi chimed in first with "white hair." Then Halli chose "princess". So we will call her "Princess White Hair". LOL:) Princess for short.

This little beauty is about 7 years old and the sweetest little thing. Don't be surprised if you see her inside my house one day.

The girls were all smiles.

Gunner didn't quite know what to think, but I think he liked her:)

Miss Ella Bella very much enjoyed her turn on Princess. I'm sure this poor little horse is going to get a lot more than she bargained for with these little tikes!!

Welcome to our family, Princess!! You are going to have one great life. All the carrots and apples you could ever want and more love than I'm sure you'll ever need. Thanks Dad, the kids will have a ball!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Living Planet Aquarium

We ventured out to the Living Planet Aquarium today.....

Jellyfish--can you see them?? Oops, probably not. But boy were they cool in person!! I am fascinated by oceanlife.

This was pretty cool. They had a pool with a bunch of Sting Rays swimming around and you could reach in and touch them. Very slimey and very cool!!

Little alligator--so neat!!

Coaxing Boo into taking a picture

My girls are such good models:)
Notice the turtle??

This is after a little tiny bribe (of icecream...) I cannot get this girl to sit and pose for the camera!! The little tuti fruiti. I love her.

Incase any of you were wondering about visiting the Living Planet Aquarium, here is my rating of the place. I give it a B. It was a little pricey for what you get if you ask me!! It took us less than an hour to walk through, and the cost was $8 for adults, $6 for kids and 2 and under are free. We went on a whim or I would have looked for discount tickets:)