Friday, September 11, 2009

Halli's first dance class

Halli had her first day of dance yesterday. It was very exciting!! She's taking classes at "Vibe". And the best part of all, she gets to go with cousin Davi! Life is good.

Here they are just minutes before class began. Oh the anticipation!!

Striking a pose

One day she will love to get her picture taken. I can only hope.

This is their teacher, Cassie. She's just darling! I'm still not quite sure how she teaches all those 3 year olds to dance while keeping their attention. Case in point: notice the little girl in the black completely oblivious to what is going on. This is during the first 2 minutes of class. Um, good luck with that, Cassie. You're quite a woman!

Stay tuned for the extremely entertaining video clips!


Joanne said...

Tandi, I am so excited the girls are taking dance. I can't wait to see the videos. They are so cute!

Patti said...

Cuuuute!! Let me know when you post the videos..oh..brings back the memories!

Kim said...

There is nothing more cute than little girls in tu tus.

Hey, Remember that comment you left on my blog saying you wanted a puppy:) Well, I need to get rid of both dogs. If you are interested let me know.

Bradbury Family said...

AAAAHHH! It doesn't get any cuter than this! I'm so excited to see videos! There's nothing like seeing little girls in tutus dancing! I love it! Please warn me ahead of time so I can have the popcorn ready!! Halli is a doll! And I'll pray for Cassie too! :)

Also, just know you're not alone when it comes to picture taking. Lexi will NOT smile for the camera at all. We have to say randome words like, "here's elmo" or "see that bird" to make her even look at the camera!