Sunday, October 11, 2009

Halli's first fieldtrip

Halli went on her very first field trip this week!! We went to Cornbelly's, and I got to go with her. I'm so glad I got to go; I had a great time and it was so fun to get to know some of her school friends. They are so funny! I swear Mrs. Allred must crack up all day.

Davi and Halli, ready for some fun.

The first thing we did was go for a hay ride pulled by a cool tractor. Mom forgot to get a picture of this. Oops!!

The tractor dropped us off at the pumpkin patch where all of the kids got to pick out their very own pumpkin.

Davi, Halli, and their friends Ellie and Truman. I seriously want to squeeze that little Truman. He's so cute. He's a trooper and watched Barbie and the Diamond Castle on the way to Cornbelly's. What a guy!!

Note: Mrs. Allred has all of the kids wear the same shirts on fieldtrips, which, by the way, I am so not cool with. But what do you do when Mrs. Allred is the greatest teacher around?? You go with the flow. That's right Tandi, go with the flow.......AAAAAAARG!!!!!!!!!

Huge trampolines that the kids loved. Check out the action shot of Davi in mid-air on this one. Nice job Davi!!

One giant trampoline all to themselves!

Bumpy slide. This one was a hit!

Check out these swings. How'd they do that??

They had these water spouts that you could pump with water and then send little duckies down. The kids were MESMERIZED by this and stayed at this little attraction FOREVER. I think I may get Jake to build us one to have at home. What a novel idea!!

Hay maze

Little house filled with what??!! You guessed it! Corn!! Preschoolers + house of corn= PRESCHOOLER BLISS.

The day ended with a chicken show. So cute!!

What a fun fieldtrip!! Thanks to Mrs. Allred for planning such fun activities.
We love Cornbelly's!!


Patti said...

Cute, cute as usual. What a cute place!! I'm thinking Grandpa will have to be put to working building one of those duckie/water things too!!

Love Grandma...

Bradbury Bunch said...

So much fun! I think Cornbelly's is on my list of "must see's" in this lifetime! That place rocks! Halli is such a doll! You have me excited for field trips will give me an excuse to be a kid all over again! :)