Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween fun

Happy Halloween 2009!
Long story short: went trick or treating, ate way too much candy. Including mom! I think I'll be running a few extra miles over the next couple of weeks to undo the damage......yikes!

The sweetest little witch in town......

Our little flower:)

Ella quite enjoyed trick or treating and just loved playing with the candy. She got especially angry if we tried to take her treat pail from her--it was so funny!! Her tantrums continue to crack me up. She can be quite the little toot!

Davi was a "rainbow ballerina". Her dress had fiber-optic lights. Who knew they made ballerina dresses with lights? Amazing.

I love when I capture the funny faces!!


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Keith and Charayye said...

How CUUUUTE! That flower costume is adorable!