Thursday, January 28, 2010

Christmas 09'

Okay, okay, better late than never!! Here are some of the highlights of our Christmas. We had a great one!!

We discovered that Ella did not like Santa.

Not one bit.

I caught this picture of Halli when Santa walked in. She was so excited!

One of many Christmas parties: playing "stomp the balloon" or something of that nature....

2 little cuties in pink

Rides on Princes White Hair at the Burt Christmas party

Halli's infamous CHEESE!!!

Grandma Patti, Grandpa Tom, and Ella Bella

1 crazy baby

Did I mention Ella did NOT like Santa?

Boo, however, had it all figured out. She was a little shy, but didn't hesitate when it was her turn! What did she ask for? A BARBIE. Shocker!!

And what did she get? A BARBIE!! And a married Ken to boot.

Princess Polly Pocket Castle. Good thinking, Santa!! She plays with it ALL. THE. TIME.

Ella started with her stocking and found some M&M's. She wanted nothing to do with anything else......

So here is Ella's Christmas morning. Literally. Eating M&M's!!

Razor. Now we're officially cool.

Love these girls!!

Oooh she's the sweetest little thing. I just want to eat her!!

Another shot of my camera loving girls, Davi, and Gunner

Merry Christmas to all!!

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Bradbury Bunch said...

Oh so cute! Especially those Santa pictures!! So glad to see a new post! We've missed you in blog world!! XOXO