Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ella's 12 month pics

I know, I know. You're thinking, "but Ella is much older than 12 months?!" And yes, yes she is. 17 months old now to be exact. My awesome friend Cara took these for me over the summer and I totally forgot to share them. I finally have some hanging up in my house as well. I am so on top of it, it kills me!

She was kind of being a stinker that day, but we got a few good ones. As I have said before, my kids+cameras= no smiles and onery girls. The joys.

This girl gets more kisses each day than I can count. I just love her to pieces and want to eat her!! We love you Ella!!


Bradbury Bunch said...

Beautiful Ella!! Those EYES are so Amazing!!! Adorable and Priceless EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!!! It's like she was made for the camera! :)

She sure is a cutie-and amen about those cheeks! Oh if only they could stay that chubby forever...till then at least we get to indulge every hour of the day right?!

P-S Did you make those hairbows?-DARLING!! Love you Tandi!
I went running on the treadmill this morning in hopes someday I can be as awesome as you!!!

Keith and Charayye said...

Yup! She looks like her mommy!!! So cute Tandi! I LOVE her skirt! I totally want one for our baby girl when she comes:) And no worries about posting her pics late! I still have Vander's 4 month pics from September I still need to post! They are so freaken adorable I just got pregnant and sick after we did them and it got put off! It's actuaaly the next one after Valentines that I am doing! So don't feel to bad there;) Ella is so cute and I TOTALLY know what you mean about giving her kisses all the time! I swear I could suck my baby's face off HA HA HA! I kiss him SO MUCH!