Sunday, May 2, 2010

Easter 2010

Here are some pics of our Easter festivities!! These are in no particular order because blogger is having issues right now and I can't cut and paste....bare with me!

Halli and Davi coloring Easter eggs

Taylor dressed up as the Easter bunny and Ella wouldn't take her eyes off him. At first I thought she was scared, but then she kept following him was so cute!

Halli and Davi and Aunt Gloria's Easter Egg Hunt. These gals got more loot than they ever could have hoped for.....Aunt Gloria sure knows how to host a great hunt!!

Ella found some chocolate in one of her eggs and and of course refused to put it down....

1 cute Boo

Mommy's girl!! LOL

Halli and her loot

Now why in the world would you want to find Easter eggs when you can just stand around and eat candy?? My thoughts exactly, Ella.

Decorating cookies

2 sweeties

Looking for candy

Still trying to find more candy


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Keith and Charayye said...

So cute Tandi! Looks like you had a fun Easter! The pics of your girls are just adorable!!! And love the Easter bunny:) I'm just thinking I need to get my Easter pics up and going ugh!!! It's been like three months! I'll get it done! Love ya!