Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween fun

Halloween has come and gone!! I can't believe it!! I'm SOOOOOO excited to put my Christmas stuff up!! Okay, back to Halloween:
The girls had a blast carving pumpkins. Here's Ella's (with Daddy's help)

And Boo's masterpiece

Halli had a little Halloween parade at her preschool. They marched and then sang some songs for us. It was so cute!! And her teacher is so amazingly talented. She walks around playing her little guitar and sings with them.....I just love her!!

Halli with her friends Ava and Roxy

Halloween night....our little Belle

And our sweet Minnie Mouse

They had so much fun trick or treating!! It was a major downpour at first, so that was eventful!! We went trick-or-treating with Davi and Gunner and then headed to Grandma Davis' for an indoor trunk or treat. We got A LOT of candy. Hello 5 lbs that I just lost. Welcome back.

2 Minnie Mouses!! (Or would you say Minnie Mice?? Haha.



Keith and Charayye said...

Treats! What fun pictures! Your girls look soooo adorable! How Fun! I still need to do my Halloween post! Don't even get me started on that though! I am so flippin behind! I will get there though :)And I also wanted to comment on your marathon post below! You go girly! I am so proud of you! I just think it is so awesome that you do those!

Bradbury Bunch said...

Your girls are SOO SOOO CUTE!!! What a fun Halloween! Geez we would all have fun together if we were neighbors!! :) Maybe someday, Especially as I see little tid bits of your home and decor I think I want you to design a house for me~I love your style!! You have my permission to do a post on your house ANYTIME! :) I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. XOXO