Sunday, October 24, 2010


Yeah!! The St. George Marathon baby!! It was soooooo much fun!! Details of the race coming up, but first here's some fun things we did while we were there:

Girl's Night Out at Tuacahn.....we saw "Crazy For You". It was so cute!! (My mom, Aunt Bobbi, Grandma, Jodi and I) Oh and thanks to my Uncle Scott, Grandpa, and Brock for babysitting!!! (Jake didn't arrive until the next night). We owe you guys big time!!
We all stayed at a condo and they had some fantastic swimming pools.

The girls were in heaven. Summer is over, and yet they still got to swim!! Let's just say they love St. George.

Halli and Davi's twinner swimming suits. No, we were not together when we purchased these:)

After the race, chatting with the girls

So the weather actually wasn't too bad! It was definitely hot, but I finished before it got too terrible. This race was so well organized and I loved every minute. I even got some hot cocoa before the race began....doesn't get much better than that!! My time was 3:23:29......I qualified for BOSTON!! Wahoo!!!! Out of all of the women I was #93, (#27 in my age group) and overall I was #567. (There were over 7,000 runners in this race). BOOYAH!! LOL:)

Here are the 2 reasons I run even faster to the finish line!! Can't wait to see my sweeties!!
Halli says she wants to run a race with me one day. This girl is FAST....I can't wait until she is old enough to go for it!!

These next pics are small because they were taken by the marathon photographers. But I am too cheap to purchase them to download, so get out your microscope:

I also want to give a big shout out to my awesome husband who is always so supportive in my training. He is so great to be sure to be available so I can get all of my runs in. Thank you Jakey!! And also to my amazing mom who helped out when he couldn't be there. I never could have finished this race if it wasn't for you two!!!

The scenery was beautiful.

Home stretch.....

Almost there......


Was I sore after? OH YEAH. Was it a pain that I love?? U BET!!! Can't wait for the next one!!
Thanks to all my family who made the trip down to support me!! Bobbi, Scott, Brock, Grandma, Grandpa, Jodi, Davi, Gunner, Mom and Dad, and of course my amazing Jake and my girls. And everyone else who cheered me on via other ways!! I love you guys!!
SALT LAKE 2011. (April). Who's with me???


tracie said...

Way to go!!!!!! You can run the Surf City marathon while I do the half for Feb. 2012. I still have my eye on that one.

Bradbury Bunch said...

AHHHHHHHH!!! YOU GO GIRL!!! Seriously!!! What awesome timing and to be in the 500's when crossing over the finish line is AMAZING!!! I'm still hoping I look like you someday if I keep up with running! It's amazing how just skipping out a week can really slow you down. I didn't run at all last week and my pants and motivation are aching right now!

You TRULY inspire me Tandi!! THANK YOU!! You're beautiful and amazing in so many ways and I love you!!! I can just see you running through the finish line being greeted by those adorable girlies--what a prieceless moment!!!

You know I would be all about signing up in April if we lived closer...maybe someday friend. maybe someday! (Like 2014ish--FOR REAL!)

jamie said...

Tandi, you rock!!! I wish I loved to run, actually I wish I even liked to run:(