Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had a fabulous holiday season!! Here are some of the fun things we did:

Decorated Christmas cookies
(I couldn't get these pictures to flip for the life of with me.....)
Oh and yes, that IS an elastic in her hair. YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!

The wackiest White Elephant Gift we've ever received.......

Sitting on Santa' s lap....Ella did it this year!! And look how enthused she is.

Halli was a little nervous but did great!

Lots and lots of Christmas parties....

Halli's Christmas Program!! She was so dang cute, and she did smile occasionally, although I didn't capture any of those smiles as you can see........

Christmas morning!! Coming down the hall....Ella first.....

And they're off!!

Santa brought Halli a Rapunzel Tower. (The Rapunzel obsession is still in full force. :)

Santa brought Ella a Barbie 4-wheeler. She wasn't sure at first but now she loves it. Actually yet again she just wanted to eat her "num nums" from her stocking all morning. Could've cared less about the gifts. So cute!!

Grandma Patti's, where they received the coveted pillow pet.

Snow fun!

Merry Christmas!!! Until next year. Or atleast July when I play my Christmas music for a day to get me by. HAHA!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Santa Run

So I'm a little late on this post. But the day after Thanksgiving a bunch of us ran the annual "Santa Run" 5k in Provo. It was HILARIOUS!! Check out all these santa's at the starting line:

Ma & Pa Santa

Uncle Scott and Aunt Bobbi

Even my cute 11 year old niece Mikaela joined in on the fun!! And she did GREAT!! (Mikaela is THE BEST babysistter on the planet. She is so cute with my girls and they absolutely adore her. We wished she lived closer!!)

My sister in law Kristi at the finish line!! She rocked it!! (Sorry a little blurry Kristi... It's becuase you were so fast!)

Me and my 19 year old cousin Brock. So we had a big bet going between Brock and I......I was talking smack on Facebook telling him to do this race so I could kick his butt. Well he wasn't havin that so he was bound and determined to beat me!! We were trash tallkin all the way up to the starting line. He kept up with me the entire time but then sprinted at the end and totally kicked my trash. Nice job Brocky!! Just remember I'm 30 years old and have had 2 kids. That's right. :)

They even had milk and cookies at the finish line!! HAHA!! Such a cute race. I had never done a 5k so it was a fun experience. Oh, and I got 2nd place out of all the women, 22 minutes;) Got a medal and everything! So fun to have a sense of accomplishment when you're in mommy mode and raising kids everyday. (Which I LOVE!) But I love having my own time and doing something for myself once in a while!!
Congrats to everyone!! It was a lot of my fam's first race and everyone did so great. Keep it up guys!! We may have started a tradition.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Halli's 5th Birthday Party

Halli is now officially 5!! Can you believe it?? I seriously can't. This is what I posted on Facebook the day of her birthday that pretty much sums it up:

5 years ago today a little girl came into this world and completely changed my life for the better. Happy Birthday to my sweet Halli. Love you Boo!!

Halli got to have her 1st friend party!! She chose to have a "Rapunzel Princess Party", because she is a bit obsessed with the movie Tangled. When we had this party, she still hadn't seen it yet.

Even mom and dad dressed up!! Haha:)

These pics are a little out of order....bare with me.....

We made princess crowns, played castle ring toss, and had a pinata. 10 screaming girls under one roof is pretty hilarious, by the way.

The cake

Some of Halli's cute friends: Avery, Isabel, and Maren

Rapunzel and her cake :)

The girls had a blast and we made some great memories. We love you Halli!!