Sunday, January 9, 2011

Halli's 5th Birthday Party

Halli is now officially 5!! Can you believe it?? I seriously can't. This is what I posted on Facebook the day of her birthday that pretty much sums it up:

5 years ago today a little girl came into this world and completely changed my life for the better. Happy Birthday to my sweet Halli. Love you Boo!!

Halli got to have her 1st friend party!! She chose to have a "Rapunzel Princess Party", because she is a bit obsessed with the movie Tangled. When we had this party, she still hadn't seen it yet.

Even mom and dad dressed up!! Haha:)

These pics are a little out of order....bare with me.....

We made princess crowns, played castle ring toss, and had a pinata. 10 screaming girls under one roof is pretty hilarious, by the way.

The cake

Some of Halli's cute friends: Avery, Isabel, and Maren

Rapunzel and her cake :)

The girls had a blast and we made some great memories. We love you Halli!!


Jason, Kodi and Jake said...

CUTE! Jacob is a good sport. What a good Daddy!

Bradbury Bunch said...


Seriously! Halli is going to remember this birthday forever!!! And you all look so dang good! Can I pay you to come dressed up like that for Chloe's birthday someday?

That party looks like so much fun! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HALLI!!! You make the cutest 5 year old and we wish you a year full of fun and surprises!!! XOXOXO

Bradbury Bunch said...

P-S Thanks for your fb message Tandi, and for the update! :)

Keith and Charayye said...

Happy birthday Halli! Omg I can't believe it's been 5 years! That has gone so fast! Man they grow fast! I'm just thinking Vander will be 2 in May and Danielle will be 1 in June and it feels like it was just 6 months ago I had Vander! People aren't kidding when they say enjoy every minute cause they grow fast! Halli is a doll! And what a good mommy and daddy to dress up for her princess party to:) You guys look great! And I love the earrings you're wearing darling;) I miss you tonz! We will try and hook up next time we're around! Love ya!

Mindy said...

Tandi! I am SO glad you left a comment on my blog because I haven't seen your blog forever, I thought you went private. I was happy to see you didn't or maybe you did, and you just think I am really cool and added me to your list?? You did AWESOME in the St. George Marathon! That is so exciting you qualified for the Boston Marathon. How are you so dang fast?? I love the prince and princess costumes by the way, you guys are such cute parents. Your girls are looking so grown up! It looks like you guys are doing great. Keep in touch.