Monday, June 6, 2011

SLC Marathon

Well the Salt Lake Marathon has come and gone. (It was on April 16th.....sorry, I don't know why I've been such a horrible blogger lately!!)

Home stretch!! Hooray!! I was sooooooo excited to see my family.

And there I the finish line. Can't miss me in the bright pink, haha!! My time was 3:20:23. I placed 8th out of all the women; 3rd in my agegroup, and #68th overall. (Top 100....wahoo!!) There were over 1200 people that ran this race; so it was fairly small though. My time was a personal best by almost 3 minutes, so I was pretty excited about that. I seriously didn't think I'd beat it at all. This race was HARD. And my training was mediocre at best. Running in the winter was excruciating for me....I mean I did the training, but the quality was horrible. I was just proud of myself if I just got out and did it! Running in 20 degree weather isn't my idea of a good time. :)

This race started out pretty hilly but then after mile 13 finally flattened out.

But I literally thought at mile 12 how in THE HECK am I going to finish this race?? I had never felt that crappy before. I wanted to crawl to the side of the road and die.

But then somehow I started feeling better after that and was able to finish. But I'll be honest, it was still hard. But that's why I love marathons, peeps. Because it's all heart. It's seriously a mindset you get in. If you think you can do it, you can.

Oh but did I mention there was a 2 mile hill at mile 23?? Totally didn't read that when I signed up!! Who the heck planned this route anyway?!?! I may have to hurt them. :)

Thanks to my wonderfuly family and Jake's awesome parents for coming up and supporting me. I know there are a million other things they'd rather be doing than to drive up to Salt Lake on a saturday morning!! I really appreciate it you guys!! I couldn't wait to get to the finish line to see them all.

Aaaaah, my sweet babies. The best thing to run to at the end of a race!!



tracie said...

Way to go!!!! I don't think I'll ever run a marathon but I'm thinking another half is in my near future. Although after 9+ months of sitting on my butt I'm scared to start training.

Mindy said...

WooHoo is right! You are awesome! You are so fast! I think the coolest part is that you trained through the winter, that is so hard to get out of a warm bed and go run in the cold. Boston has got to be in the near future for you(:

Bradbury Bunch said...

TANDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!! So my husband comes to me last night saying that he read your blog and was SO IMPRESSED you finished 8th in this marathon! First, I learned that my husband checks out blogs-had no clue. Second, how did he learn this before me??? Third where do I sign up for you to train me?? :)

I'm SO extremely proud and inspired by you Tandi! You are in such AMAZING shape and one of the MOST GORGEOUS people I know. FOR REAL. Pink looks smashing on you!!

I applaud you and love that you post these so I can "get back on the horse and try again." I don't know what's happened this week, but it was like a switch went off and I've been running every day, well jogging to be correct. But I hope to someday do a marathon. And how wonderful would that be to be right beside you when doing one. (At least at the beginning till you roadrace ahead) But still.

And running in 20 degree weather is also impressive!! ROCK. ON. What's your plans for the future?? It sounds like I should get your autograph now--WATCH OUT OLYMPICS!! CONGRATULATIONS!! YOU TRULY ARE A STAR...always have been! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!! XOXO

Bradbury Bunch said...

P-S Because I haven't said enough yet. :)


and i LOVE the new family picture as your header!! SOOOO CUTE!! Please do Christmas cards this year so I can hang you up on my cupboards and see you each and every day! :)

And I'll look forward to my husband letting me know when you post again, since he's better at keeping up than I am.

Keith and Charayye said...

I'm so proud of you treats!

Keith and Charayye said...

Ok I left that short comment cause I wanted to make sure it worked cause I tried to post a comment on here and it didn't work! Anyway! I'm so proud of you! I see how you say it's all heart! I think it's so awesome you do those! I can just see it in your face how happy you are! keep it up! Love ya!