Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Well hello!! Just incase you were wondering, yes, the Davis family is still alive! :) I was looking at the last post I did with the kids and it was of Christmas LAST year. Holy cow. I've been slackin. Let me tell's been a heckuva year. ;)

We had a wonderful Christmas this year!! The girls are at such a fun age. We had so much fun watching them open their gifts. I love love LOVE Christmas and the magic of it all. And it's so much fun seeing it through your kids' eyes!!

Coming down the hall......Ella first

Checkin out the goods.....

I love this pic. Ella has the best bed-head ever. :)

Halli's favorites gifts from Santa: a Barbie house (wooden.....this one had BETTER last!! ;)

Crib Life Baby, and some fun games.

Ella's favorites were: Rapunzel and Flynn Rider Barbies, and an Ariel Vanity.

But the best gift of all was...........


This little cutie is 8 weeks old and oh so sweet!! She's a maltese and seems to be such a good little puppy. The girls absolutely adore her!! They named her Jewel. :) Santa is THE BEST.

Other fun things we've been doing during Christmastime:

Lots of snuggling

Sitting on Santa's lap

Fun Christmas parties

Decorating Christmas cookies

More Christmas parties......

And Halli sang in her first Holiday Sing-in! They sang Melekelikimaka. (I have no idea how to spell that....) It was so cute and she did GREAT!!!


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Beetle said...

Well........Welcome Back! It looks like you guys had a fun Christmas, what a cute little puppy! Your girls look so happy. Hope all is going great for you guys! This is Mindy-not Beetle by the way.